Thanks to City Street Sweepers

Last week me, with Jim Wilcox and Steve Hecker, representing GEARs bicycle club, took some goodies in the way of food down to the city maintenance yard to the crew of street sweeper. We wanted to let them know just how much we appreciated them keeping our bike lane in such great condition. The image is of just a few of the crew we caught in the lunch room, as they run three different crews through out the day. Pictured with the crew second from the right is Jim Wilcox, and right of him Steve Hecker of GEARs. Also know that there is a number you can call (541-682-4800) to report glass or other debris in the bike paths. Know that the number is for reporting, not for complaints or gripes you may have. I ride almost daily down Cal Young and Oakway and have always appreciated just how well the city keeps the paths maintained, and find the same to be true through out the city. So thanks guys for the great job you do, we much appreciate your work.