Snow Day Ride on Klondikes

It was the first time this year I got to break out my Kenda Klondike studded tires (700x35c) and give them a ride. I took a spin down to Market of Choice to pick up groceries while it was snowing. Most MTB tires will go well in soft fresh snow, but when it gets packed, or turns to ice, the Klondikes are the way to go. They add that extra stability and ” no slide” you need on ice or packed snow. It was fun to watch the cars that were out sliding to stops, trying to get going with spinning wheels etc. I was having fun riding through the deeper powder on the road side and enjoying just how nice and quiet it was with less cars and the snows muffling quiet. I also rode a bit today in the 18 degrees, but that was a little lower than my clothing was good for so I only spent a half hour or so before returning home. It’s always fun to cycle in a different type of challenge and environment, and that’s why I love riding in the snowy weather.

Thanks to City Street Sweepers

Last week me, with Jim Wilcox and Steve Hecker, representing GEARs bicycle club, took some goodies in the way of food down to the city maintenance yard to the crew of street sweeper. We wanted to let them know just how much we appreciated them keeping our bike lane in such great condition. The image is of just a few of the crew we caught in the lunch room, as they run three different crews through out the day. Pictured with the crew second from the right is Jim Wilcox, and right of him Steve Hecker of GEARs. Also know that there is a number you can call (541-682-4800) to report glass or other debris in the bike paths. Know that the number is for reporting, not for complaints or gripes you may have. I ride almost daily down Cal Young and Oakway and have always appreciated just how well the city keeps the paths maintained, and find the same to be true through out the city. So thanks guys for the great job you do, we much appreciate your work.    

Costco Fat Tire Bike Assembly

Morgan from Costco called me the other day for another finish assembly/tune-up  job of a fat tire bike they just received for a floor model. The bike comes boxed, and are mostly assembled. I complete putting it together, attaching seat/seat post, straighten out handlebars etc. Then the critical part of going through the whole bike and making sure its mechanically sound to be ridden.

Frame Switch

My customer Davids’ electric assist trike had a flawed frame (white one) and he needed me to move all his components on to the new frame (black) that the company sent him as a replacement. We had him back on the road in no time.  

Blowing Leaves in Street FYI

FYI  I was at a business on Pearl Street a few days ago and the Lawn guy at the business next door was blowing all the yard leaves out into the street. It occurred to me that I don’t pay my tax dollars to the city to sweep up leaves that the lawn care guy is paid to pick up himself. So, I called the city and talked to them about what I had seen, and they informed me that it is in fact against the law to blow your yard leaves etc. into the streets. They also let me know that they do have times, certain days in late Nov and Dec that we can put the leaves, and only leaves into the street. But those days are announced on the news and in the paper and you cannot put leaves in the street any other time

Garage Finds

I was out to do some work on a customer Kims ebike a few days ago, and when he opened the garage to get me his bike, in place of a car was a helicopter. Kim informed me he had been flying helicopters since he learned to fly them in the army in the 50s. In regards to the helicopter he told me, “don’t get one of these you will get addicted.” I’ll bet.

Customers Vintage Bike

I did a tuneup on Lisa’s bike and installed a basket on the rear of her early 70s Schwinn, Collegiate bike. She informed me that she had purchased the bike new from money she had earned babysitting while in high school. That’s a great classic bike and a wonderful story. Above is Lisa and her Schwinn.        

A Story

I was riding on the west side river trail near the waste water plant ( in the background) heading to the post office on River Ave, when I passed this park bench with a pair of shoes and an empty beer can, with not a soul in sight. On my return about a half hour later, this same scene was there, again with no one owning the shoes around. I commented to the man pushing a stroller just in front of me regarding the shoes and can, and he said, ” it told some kind of story.” I agreed.

City Street Sweepers

Today me  and Jim Wilcox of  Lane Bike Coalition, took trays of sandwiches, boxes of cookies, and other goodies down to the Eugene City Maintenance Yard on Roosevelt St, to the workers that sweep our streets. We wanted them to know as bicycle commuters how much we appreciate their efforts in keeping the bike lanes in such great shape for us cyclists. Not only do they run crews pretty much 24/7, but they also provide a hotline that you may call to report glass in the bike lane. ( 541-682-4800) We had a chance to talk with a few of the crew pictured above with Jim, in red shirt, as they headed for the food. Again, thanks for your efforts, you make my riding much safer and a lot more pleasant.