A little bit about The Quotidian Cyclist

I have had a passion for cycling since the early 70s, when I purchased my first serious pedal machine, a blue 1972 Raleigh Professional and discovered the distances you could cover on a bike of that caliber, and was hooked.

I was a club rider (Shasta Wheelmen) riding century rides, a commuter and loved touring on my vacations, riding a Trek with Phil platform pedals and TA cranks. Today, I commute on my Van Dessel, Alominator and look forward to another tour. Susan, my partner in life has been a runner most of her life, but enjoys getting out on her Santa Cruz, Juliana when time permits. Below pictured top left is me with my Christmas present, standing on Par Drive, in Brookside, down in San Diego California. The bike was much to tall for me, but had drop bars and was all chrome so I thought it was the greatest. Top right is me in the late 70s ready to go on a tour with my Trek. Bottom is a recent picture of me on my 29er off road bike.