Thanking the City of Eugene StreetSweepers

Yesterday the 27th Jim Wilcox and Larry Diffie of GEARs (Greater Eugene Area Riders) and myself took a selection of food, meats, cheeses and sweets etc. down to the city streetsweepers crews. We wanted to say thanks from the bicycling community for keeping our bicycling lanes in such great shape for us year round. They even have a number you can call to report glass on the road (541-682-4800) and we have found them very fast to respond. Again, another great service we thanked them for providing. The picture shows the day crew, they also have a night crew, with leads Mike Spangler on the left, who has help us over the years with the presentation and Troy on the right who helped this year. Thanks so much guys and gals for all your work out there at all hours keeping our roads clean.

The Alpine Trail Westfir, Oregon

I rode the Alpine Trail last fall and though I prefer gravel over single track it was fun but a challenge. I parked in Westfir at the Office Bridge parking lot. From there I headed up the National Forest Road-19 ( Aufderheide ) a few miles and then headed on to forest service road  NF-1912 for a tough hour climb up to Windy Pass which has a fork and opened intersection. I stayed to the right on to NF-1911 and a short ways further was the trail off to the left. Its a little hard to find the trail, but it is obvious once you see it. From that point you are on single track and it’s a roller coaster ride from there. Be careful and have fun.

Masters Track Championships

Last month I traveled down to Carson California to watch the masters track championships at the Stub Hub Center Velodrome. I had a great time, but the crowds were very small so there was not the energy in the building that you would expect for an event that draws all the top athletes in all age categories from all over the world. Track racing appears to be a sport of explosive power for short bursts and would have great spectator appeal as the whole track you are able to view from your seat. There are only a dozen or so tracks in the whole of the United States so it appears to not get much exposure.

North American Handmade Bicycle Show

The North American Handmade Bicycle Show (NAHBS) is the world’s premier showcase for frame builders and its mission is to celebrate the artistry, skill, and inspiration of their craft. I have attended three shows over the last few years and each year they get bigger and better.

Snow Day Ride on Klondikes

It was the first time this year I got to break out my Kenda Klondike studded tires (700x35c) and give them a ride. I took a spin down to Market of Choice to pick up groceries while it was snowing. Most MTB tires will go well in soft fresh snow, but when it gets packed, or turns to ice, the Klondikes are the way to go.