October 2016

League of American Bicyclists

For generations past and to come, THE LEAGUE represents bicyclists in the movement to create
 safer roads, stronger communities, and a bicycle-friendly America. Through information, advocacy and promotion, we work to celebrate and preserve the freedom cycling brings to our members everywhere.

Greg LeMond

Greg LeMond, America’s original superstar cyclist, is back. After years of being shunned by the cycling world for asserting in 2001 that Lance Armstrong was using performance-enhancing drugs, the now-vindicated three-time Tour de France winner (1986, ’89 and ’90) is on a roll back to his well earned position as the greatest professional cyclist from the USA.

Frame Switch

My customer Davids’ electric assist trike had a flawed frame (white one) and he needed me to move all his components on to the new frame (black) that the company sent him as a replacement. We had him back on the road in no time.