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VeloGuy is a fully equipped Mobile Bicycle Shop for on-site service and repairs at your home, office or work. We perform tuneups, maintenance, upgrades, over-hauls, spoke replacement and wheel truing and carry a full line of parts and accessories.
I look forward to being of service. Tom Rau aka VeloGuy

Cycling World

Greg LeMond, America's original superstar cyclist, is back.

After years of being shunned by the cycling world for asserting in 2001 that Lance Armstrong was using performance-enhancing drugs, the now-vindicated three-time Tour de France winner (1986, '89 and '90) is on a roll back to his well earned position as the greatest professional cyclist from the USA.


Bicycle tires unlike car tires have a tendency to lose air pressure over a couple of week period. To be safe we need to have a pump with a gauge handy and top off the tires to the correct PSI that is written on the sidewall of most all tires.

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